Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alice ou la dernière fugue (1977) - Claude Chabrol

Alice ou la dernière fugue (1977)

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Director and Writer: Claude Chabrol

Stars: Sylvia Kristel, Charles Vanel and André Dussollier

Video: XviD (.avi) | 624x368 | FPS: 25 | Sound: mpeg | Color: Color | Size: 809 MB | Runtime: 1:29:01 | Country: France | Language: French | Subtitles: Brazilian | English | Vietnamese | Genres: Drama | Fantasy | Mystery | Thriller



Alice Carol leaves her husband one rainy night, telling him that she does not love him anymore. She travels alone but when her windscreen breaks on a lonely road, she has to stop and seek help. She goes to a creepy manor and is welcomed by the owner, Henri Vergennes, and his butler, Colas. Alice is invited to spend the night in the house. The next morning, Alice can't find the two men from he previous night but finds her car surprisingly fixed. She tries to leave but cannot find the gate. She stops the car and walks around the wall trying to find an exit but becomes increasingly worried with what she finds.

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