Thursday, December 15, 2011

Entre les murs - The Class (2008) - Laurent Cantet

Entre les murs - The Class (2008)

Director: Laurent Cantet
Writers: Laurent Cantet, Robin Campillo

Stars: François Bégaudeau, Agame Malembo-Emene and Angélica Sancio

Nominated for Oscar. Another 10 wins & 16 nominations

Video: H264 (.mkv) | 848x368 | FPS: 23.976 | Sound: AC3 | Color: Color | Size: 1.39 GB | Runtime: 2:09:43 | Country: France | Language: French | Bambara | Spanish | Subtitles: --- | Filming Locations: --- | Genres: Drama



Teacher François Marin and his colleagues are preparing for another school year teaching at a racially mixed inner city high school in Paris. The teachers talk to each other about their prospective students, both the good and the bad. The teachers collectively want to inspire their students, but each teacher is an individual who will do things in his or her own way to achieve the results they desire. They also have differing viewpoints on the students themselves, and how best to praise and discipline them. The administration of the school tries to be as fair as possible, which includes having student representatives sit on the student evaluation committee. Marin's class this year of fourteen and fifteen year olds is no different than previous years, although the names and faces have changed. Marin tries to get through to his students, sometimes with success and sometimes resulting in utter failure...

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