Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Hill (1965) - Sidney Lumet

The Hill (1965)

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Director: Sidney Lumet
Writer: Ray Rigby

Won BAFTA Film Award. Another 3 wins & 6 nominations

Video: XVID (.avi) | 640x352 | FPS: 23.976000 | Sound: mpga | Color: Black and White | Size: 1.40 GB | Runtime: 123 min | Country: UK | Language: English | Genres: Drama | War | CD Cover and Sticker incl.

Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, French, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Spanish

Sean Connery, Harry Andrews and Ian Bannen

WWII, in a British disciplinary camp located in the Libyan desert. Prisoners are persecuted by Staff Sergeant Williams, who made them climb again and again, under the heavy sun, an artificial hill built right in the middle of the camp. Harris is a more human and compassionate guard, but the chief, S.M. Wilson, refuses to disown his subordinate Williams. One day, five new prisoners arrive. Each of them will deal in a different way with the authority and Williams' ferocity.


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  1. Hi!

    I tried to download the movie "The Hill" 1965, in 16 .rar parts.

    But when tried to download the files 11 and 15 I received the following message from Megaupload:

    "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. Try it again later".

    I would like what is occurring and if you can help me to download these two files (11 and 15) to complete my full download.

    Awaiting your response I thanks in advance.

    Truly yours,
    Luiz Alberto

  2. Hi Luiz Alberto,

    Thank you for this message. I am in Holiday now in Europe but i think in arround a week i will be at home again. All the movies and all other things are there. In a week i'm back there and will reup this movie. Please wait. Thanks and sorry for this Server mistake.

    Greetz AT0

  3. Hi Dear ATO,

    Thank you for your fast and kindly response!!!

    Last night I tried again to download the files. Fortunately, for my surprise the file #11 was disponible at Megaupload and I promptly succefully downloaded it!

    So, to complete my download I now need only the file #15, that continues unavailable, zeroed according Mega Manager's checking of this file.

    Anyway I'll wait your return to home to reup the movie (or file?).

    Your Blog has a very fine selection of movies for my liking!!!

    Many, many thanks for your attention and knighthood.

    Best regards,
    Luiz Alberto

  4. Luiz, part15 now available. Give Megaupload a day and part11 should also become available again. I have seen this happen to files.

    ATO, great blog. Thanks for all your efforts. Enjoy your vacation.

  5. ATO,
    For the past 3 months, part11 gives the following error message:

    The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

    Could you please re-upload part 11?

    Thanks for all your efforts in this great blog.

  6. ok, i will check it, when it dont work i will reup it. And a new reply from me is here also.

    Regards ATO

  7. MU is crazy reup and still dont work, now i put it in other servers too.

    I hope you all are happy now with this real great Movie!!!

    Regards ATO



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