Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Padre padrone (1977) - Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani

Padre padrone (1977)

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Director: Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani
Writer: Gavino Ledda, Paolo Taviani

Nominated for BAFTA Film Award. Another 6 wins

Video: XVID (.avi) | 672x416 | FPS: 23.976023 | Sound: mpga | Color: Color | Size: 1.36 GB | Runtime: 113 min | Country: Italy | Language: Italian | Sardinian | Latin (only a few words) | Subtitles: English | Espana | Portuguese (Brazilian) | Turkish | Genres: Drama | CD Cover and Sticker incl.

Omero Antonutti, Saverio Marconi and Marcella Michelangeli

The true story of the life of Gavino Ledda, the son of a Sardinian shepherd, and how he managed to escape his harsh, almost barbaric existence by slowly educating himself, despite violent opposition from his brutal father.


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  1. Une superbe évocation de la vie des bergers sardes !



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