Thursday, March 29, 2012

2 Filhos de Francisco - A História de Zezé di Camargo & Luciano (2005) - Breno Silveira - Reupload

2 Filhos de Francisco - A História de Zezé di Camargo & Luciano (2005)

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Director: Breno Silveira
Writers: Carolina Kotscho, Patrícia Andrade

25 wins & 16 nominations

Video: XVID (.avi) | 688x384 | FPS: 23.976023 | Sound: mpga | Color: Color | Size: 695 MB | Runtime: 130 min | Country: Brazil  | Language: Portuguese | Subtitles: English | Portuguese (Brazilian) | Spanish | Genres: Biography | Drama | History | CDCover and Sticker incl.

Ângelo Antônio, Dira Paes and Márcio Kieling

It's about a father that wants two of his children to became country singers. He never gives up, always believes in his dream even if he doesn't have money to feed his family and everybody thought he is crazy. They are poor and live in the countryside of Brazil, Goiás (a state in central Brazil). It's similar to Walter Salles Central Station, with its simplicity and sophistication. Beautiful cinematography. If you want to know how is the real Brazilian soul, watch this movie. There is prejudice against country music, like in the USA. Parts of upper class e high middle class here think that country music is tacky. See the movie made me understand what this kind of music means to people that makes it and listen to it. It's only a different taste. There are lots of classic regional song from Brazil that other countries don't know, different from samba or Bossa Nova. I hope its deserve attention in other countries too. The film is getting the first place in box office for 10 weeks (about 5 million saw it. "The Incredibles" is the second), became the most viewed this year and it's our foreign-language Oscar contender. Its also a huge success with critics. Zeze Di Camargo & Luciano have sold more than 22 million CDs in Brazil.


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