Monday, March 26, 2012

La campana del infierno aka A Bell from Hell (1973) - Reupload

La campana del infierno (Bell from Hell) (1973) 
Claudio Guerín

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Director: Claudio Guerín
Writer: Santiago Moncada

This is a true unique creepy movie of the early 70's. No Hollywoodtrash, pure sickening. Scene's at an abattoir, incest, rape and that with no blood and almost no nudity. Excellent how this movie takes you to the end, a bit slow the first half but then suddenly it all start moving in the Italian way, sometimes it made me remind of 'The beyond'. Beautiful filmed and great performances. Weird how an open door and some fog combined with "frere jacques" can make your flesh creep. If you can stand animal cruelty search the full uncut of this one, I can't tell if the DVD release is uncut. You will stick until the end...


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