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Dik Trom (2010) - Arne Toonen

Dik Trom (2010)

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Director: Arne Toonen
Writers: Mischa Alexander, Wijo Koek

Stars: Michael Nierse, Eva van der Gucht and Marcel Musters

Video: DX50 (.avi) | 720x320 | FPS: 25 | Sound: AC3 | Color: Color | Size: 1.45 GB | Runtime: 1:22:52 | Country: Netherlands | Language: Dutch | Subtitles: English | Filming Locations: --- | Genres: Family | DVD Covers and Stickers incl.
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Dik Trom is a cheerful, honest, fat boy. Together with his parents, he lives in the cozy Dikkedam, where everyone is as fat and exuberant as he. He moves with his parents to Dunhoven where no one is as fat as Dik. The prettiest girl in Dunhoven is Lieve, so thinks Dik. But Dik is not the only one who has dropped his eye on the beautiful girl. Also Viktor , the brutal son of Dolf a sports school owner, is competing for her hand. The battle between the two boys will be settled during the local summer event.

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