Thursday, August 11, 2011

Love Story - A Lady Surrenders (1944) - Leslie Arliss

Love Story - A Lady Surrenders (1944)

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Director: Leslie Arliss
Writers: J.W. Drawbell, Rodney Ackland

Stars: Margaret Lockwood, Stewart Granger and Patricia Roc

Video: H264 (.mp4) | 608x448 | FPS: 25 | Sound: mp4a | Color: Black and White | Size: 553 MB | Runtime: 1:48:01 | Country: UK | Language: English | Subtitles: None | Filming Locations: Shepherd's Bush, London, England, UK | Genres: Drama | Romance


When concert pianist Lissa Campbell learns that she has a serious heart problem. she vows to enjoy what time she has left. On taking her first holiday, she meets Kit Firth, a pilot on leave, because his future vision may disappear due to a bomb explosion while he was in active service. Kit Firth is searching for a rare mineral Britian needs in the war effort. When there is an explosion at the local tin mine, Kit and several others are trapped, but due to his knowledge of the mine workings, he leads the others to safety. But his greatest challenge is to come, when he has to undergo an operation, that hopefully may keep him from going blind. This operation has a slim chance of being successful. This video is available in VHS PAL format under the series named, "The Margaret Lockwood Collection".

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