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The Godfather (1972) - Francis Ford Coppola

The Godfather (1972)

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Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Writer: Mario Puzo

Stars: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and James Caan

Top 250 #2
Won 3 Oscars. Another 19 wins & 17 nominations

Video: H264 (.mkv) | 912x512 | FPS: 23.976 | Sound: mp4a | Color: Color | Size: 596 MB | Runtime: 2:57:09 | Country: USA | Language: English | Italian | Latin | Subtitles: English plus Link for 38 Languages | Filming Locations: Staten Island, New York, USA | Genres: Crime | Drama | Thriller | DVD Cover and Sticker incl.

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The story begins as "Don" Vito Corleone, the head of a New York Mafia "family", oversees his daughter's wedding. His beloved son Michael has just come home from the war, but does not intend to become part of his father's business. Through Michael's life the nature of the family business becomes clear. The business of the family is just like the head of the family, kind and benevolent to those who give respect, but given to ruthless violence whenever anything stands against the good of the family. Don Vito lives his life in the way of the old country, but times are changing and some don't want to follow the old ways and look out for community and "family". An up and coming rival of the Corleone family wants to start selling drugs in New York, and needs the Don's influence to further his plan. The clash of the Don's fading old world values and the new ways will demand a terrible price, especially from Michael, all for the sake of the family.

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  1. I am so glad that I took the time to read the book, despite seeing the film many times. The depth of characters in the book was far greater. Sonny's mistress Lucy had a more purposeful ongoing role in the book, as in the film her character was just a fling of passion. This was also the case with Michael's first wife, in the book she is pregnant at the time of her death, which is not clearly conveyed in the film. The depression which Freddo suffered following his father's shooting also provided excellent insight into the guilt that besieged him following his poor guarding of his father. There is so much more to the book I haven't even mentioned. Give yourself a treat and read the book!

  2. all parts don't work



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