Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ta'm e guilass - Taste of Cherry (1997) - Abbas Kiarostami

Ta'm e guilass - Taste of Cherry (1997)

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Director and Writer: Abbas Kiarostami

Stars: Homayoun Ershadi, Abdolrahman Bagheri and Afshin Khorshid Bakhtiari

3 wins & 2 nominations

Video: H264 (.mkv) | 704x384 | FPS: 23.976 | Sound: mp4a | Color: Color | Size: 423 MB | Runtime: 1:39:26 | Country: Iran | France | Language: Persian | Subtitles: English | Portuguese BR | Filming Locations: Tehran, Iran | Genres: Drama | DVD Cover and Sticker incl.


Middle-aged Mr.Badii is planning to commit suicide and desperately seeks anyone to assist him - he has already dug out the grave in the mountains, but the assistant will have to bury him when he will do the deed. He asks Kurd soldier, Afghan seminarian, but everyone refuses by some reason. Finally he finds an old Turkish taxidermist, who has a sick son and previously attempted suicide himself, and he agrees to assist Badii.

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