Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Great Mr. Handel (1942) - Norman Walker

The Great Mr. Handel (1942)

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Director: Norman Walker
Writers: Gerald Elliott, Victor MacLure

Stars: Wilfrid Lawson, Elizabeth Allan and Malcolm Keen

Video: H264 (.mkv) | 720x560 | FPS: 29.970 | Sound: mp4a | Color: Color | Size: 287 MB | Runtime: 1:38:44 | Country: UK | Language: English | Subtitles: None | Filming Locations: Denham Studios, Denham, Buckinghamshire, England, UK | Genres: Biography | Drama | Music


Norman Walker’s 1942 “The Great Mr. Handel” is fairly curious, since it is a wartime British production with a German hero. In this case, George Frideric Handel, who emigrated to London in order to establish a career as a composer. Even more curious is the prime plot device of the film: how a member of the royal family went out of its way to destroy Handel.

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