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Les Soeurs Brontë (The Bronte Sisters) (1979) - André Téchiné (repost)

Les Soeurs Brontë (The Bronte Sisters) (1979)

Director: André Téchiné
Writers: Pascal Bonitzer, André Téchiné

Stars: Isabelle Adjani, Marie-France Pisier and Isabelle Huppert

3 nominations

Video: DX50 (.avi) | 640x384 | FPS: 25 | Sound: mpga | Color: Color | Size: 688 MB | Runtime: 1:54:59 | Country: France | Language: French | Subtitles: English | Genres: Biography | Drama


Four young siblings: Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne, live a stoic existence in a small village in the English country side. Their old father, an Anglican minister, a rigid spinster aunt and Tabby, the maid, complete their household. The siblings have artistic ambitions and rely upon each other for companionship. Branwell is a painter and a self portrait with his sisters is worthy of the general admiration of the family. He wants to pursue a professional career, but only goes as far as to establish a friendship with Leyland, another artist. Emily's favorite pastime is to walk across the bleak moors that surround the village dressed as a man. Anne, the youngest of the siblings, is her companion. Charlotte, more ambitious than the others, convinces their reluctant aunt to give her money to go to Belgium in order to study French. Her idea is to eventually comeback and open a school. With their aunt's money and permission, Charlotte and Emily go to Brussels. Once there, Charlotte falls secretly in love with her teacher Monsieur Hager, who is already married. Emily plays the piano at school, but has a hard time there and is teased by her classmates for being English and Protestant in a Catholic country. Meanwhile, in England, Anne has found employment as a governess, taking over the education of the daughter of a wealthy family.
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