Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Dicktator (1974) - Perry Dell

The Dicktator (1974)

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Director: Perry Dell
Writer: Walt Davis

Stars: Paul Daniels, Yolanda Beckham and Johnny Fain

Video: DX50 (.avi) | 720x576 | FPS: 23.976 | Sound: mpga | Color: Color | Size: 698 MB | Runtime: 1h 35mn | Country: USA | Language: English | Subtitle: --- | Filming Locations: --- | Genres: Comedy | Erotica



American President:
Twit! What the hell is going on there? Sounds to me, Twit, like you're headed for another one of those sex scandals there. Can't understand you English... you never hear of an American politician getting involved in a sex scandal!

British Prime Minister:
Well, sir, it's probably, sir, because you are too busy trying to screw your public.

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